Happy Independence Day!

Dear Friends,

I wish you all a Happy Independence Day! As we enjoy the holiday weekend and all the festivities, let us remember to honor the commitment and sacrifice made by our founding fathers, who threw off the yolk of tyranny and established our great nation.

This holiday is also a reminder that campaign season is just around the corner (if not already underway). The founders left us the legacy of a democratic republic, where citizens choose their government representatives and public officials at the ballot box.

I am proud to be participating in that democratic process this year.

I’ve been visiting festivals and gatherings, meeting voters and promoting my campaign. I’m also putting together a team of volunteers around the state to help with outreach. But to get my message out to the voters in a statewide race, I’ll need to spend some money on advertising.

My message is simple:  I am the most qualified candidate in the race. Moreover, I am not a part of the two-party system and not beholden to their special interests. I’m offering voters the opportunity to vote for a candidate rather than a party. And given the general public sentiment of disappointment in the quality of candidates (and the lack of choices) presented by the major parties, I offer an outlet for a protest vote.

I just need to let the voters know who I am, and that I’m running!

This weekend, I am asking you to help out with my Independence Weekend Fund Drive. To show my commitment to this campaign, I am making the following pledge:

“I will personally match every donation that comes in from July 4 through July 7, two-for-one. That means if you donate $1000, I’ll donate $2000 and we’ll have $3000 to allocate to advertising and outreach.

Thank you for your support. Have a joyous and safe holiday weekend!

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