Vote Libertarian

I am a Libertarian because that is the political philosophy and party that most closely aligns with my views. But I am running on the Libertarian ticket for another important reason: We have all seen how our current political system has devolved into bitter divisions, with both sides of the two-party system locked in opposition against one another. I believe that a more pluralistic, multi-party system would be healthy for our democracy.

If the person running for office is the most qualified, then the party label should not matter. On that basis alone, I ask for your vote.

The role of State Treasurer is an independent constitutional office. If that independence is to be respected and supported, then perhaps the best person for the position is someone who is NOT part of the two-party system that has monopolized our state government for over 150 years.

If you share my belief that the two-party system has led us into a dead-end of bickering, posturing, hyper-partisan politicians running our government, then express your dissatisfaction with a vote of support for a candidate representing an alternative.

In the office of Treasurer of State, I promise to be a diligent steward of the peoples’ treasury, a campaigner for fiscal transparency, and an advocate for individual liberty and limited government.

What does it mean to be a libertarian? Dr. Jeffrey Miron at Harvard offers one answer.